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Founded: 2014

Owner: BestBuds


Areas of expertise: 
Leadership Development 

Urban agriculture develops communities

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Health and wellness is more than just the food we eat. Our quality of life is not determined by the doctor's prognosis; but instead by what we are determined to do about our own Happiness.

The difference between Happiness and Success is Your attitude.  You will be happy doing what you love and find success is loving what you do. Seeing your food growing and being able to have access to it at anytime is an amazing convenience.  Just think: I could walk right outside and pick my own fresh, "Organic" produce for free.  Growing food is Hard Work, make no mistake about that!  But with proper planning and the use of ancient agricultural secrets we can operate small Urban Farms sustainably for 200 years

Construction of our First Site

Six parcels of land are under construction and will form the basis for our first community farm. 


The Youth Leaders in our community joined together to clean-up the trash and debris from the site.