The American Dream

     Our idea in America of a nuclear family consisting of two patriarchs and a child.. leaves out the most critical component of a successful community--our elderly.

And their instruction to the youth promotes a healthy and prosperous generation, without it we wallow in the shade while the fruitfulness of our nation withers away.

From looking at the older residents in the community who have been ostracized from families, deprived of wealth and devoid of health, it would seem that they are a people without a purpose; and in turn the wayward youth who have lost their instruction as well.

May they come together to sustain the longevity and purpose of a union of the values of yesteryear with the posterity of this Great nation. Together they can provide for one another and uplift the spirit and overall health of the Nation, street by street, one community at a time. 

The reward of giving our older Americans the opportunity to teach urban farming to our little ones is by far the most substantial gesture. It says to Them that their contribution is not only valued but is crucial to our success.

And finally, it engages otherwise reclusive individuals (and under-active youngsters) in foraging, giving them all the exercise needed for a healthier lifestyle.