Our Community's Support 

Let us look to the joy and hope felt when watching Young and Old together, in any cause!

Whether they may be united in hands held crossing a street, or united in blood through battle-scars unknown to most Americans; their unification invokes in us a sense of pride and justice because it stands for more than that...

It is the embodiment of the heart and soul of what it means to be Free. Young and Old, disabled and dying, crippled; but free to provide for oneself AND the common good. This is our Community and the real American dream.

Maybe you don't see it? But I see the two digging and planting seeds together for tomorrow. I see them harvesting and providing food for their families and together instilling in one-another the sense of duty and belonging that will allow our communities to thrive. 

The key is the Leadership and development of a cohesive structure of support whereby habits for healthy living are passed on over the years.