​Building Communities

Strengthening America

Older American's  can foster an environment of learning whereby our youth are enabled with Real Life skills. The youngsters provide a conduit for information to flow more freely.

​Engaging citizens
  • Call 1844-2FARM USA  and Get Involved
  • Tell your local school to become a GenerationOn member
  • Review the Child Life Council"s Competencies and Standards
  • Let's build and strengthen our communites

We’re fortunate enough to have the land available for urban farming to change more than just the way we eat! Nothing touches the heart more than young and old planting the seeds of tomorrow.

25 February 2014

America"s Best Farm created!

5 March 2014

 Joined the community of change.

We can all learn from each other! Older American's must step forward and claim the right to instruct today's youth. We can't do it without You!

There is a disconnectedness associated with this new generation of super-connectivity. It seems to stem from our distance from the food chain and the old agrarian model. The idea of a nuclear-family leaves out the whole Village needed to raise our children.  If you're 55+, or disabled living in your own home, there is a place in the community for YOU to Really make a difference. 

In an agrarian village, the Duty of teaching the youth how to yield from the land it;s Bounty fell to the Eldest members. The patriarchs of the families were much too busy with daily tasks of attending to worldly affairs and too far removed.  Although they were confident in the instruction and protection provided by the older members. Our Villages are the streets in our communities and the oldest are further removed than ever before; left to watch the spiral decent of a wayward generation lacking instruction from their elders. 

The Agrarian Lifestyle


11 April 2014 

Global youth service day (GYSD)